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Negotiating – Why you need a Buyer’s Agent

There are many reasons why you should hire a buyer’s agent, but the most important reason is negotiating!

Many buyers don’t realize that contacting the listing agent directly is a really bad idea. The listing agent works for the seller! Not for you, the buyer. The listing agent’s goal is to get their seller the most money possible, so they are going to give you NO advice. You need a buyer’s agent that is going to have your best interest in mind and negotiate on your behalf.  

Before you even view a property, as your exclusive buyer’s agent I can advise you if the price is too high, just right, or under valued (usually done to create a bidding war among buyers). I have a pulse on the current market and can provide you with comparable properties for the home you might want to make and offer on. I will advise you when writing up the contract - how much to offer and what contingencies to include. I’ll give you my feedback on how to proceed should we receive a counteroffer from the seller.  I have learned the different strategies that work best with different agents, which may help you secure the winning bid. Simply put, I will be your voice in the negotiation process. 

Once you have a property under contract, I will continue to be your voice. If a major (or minor) defect in the home arises during the inspection process, I will advise you on whether to ask for repairs, renegotiate the contract price, or walk away. If the appraisal comes up short, I may be able to provide comps to get the appraisal adjusted or renegotiate a lower sales price for you. In addition to all of that, I will track every date of your contract to make sure your transaction goes smoothly and closes on time.

Having an advocate by your side is essential when buying real estate. Don’t go at it alone. Contact me today for exclusive buyer representation.